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Putting our paws out of our yard

King Koala informs that this is a very important moment. 
The general situation is confusing and difficult, but koalas are used to this. 
Lazy, we are happy to inform you that we are putting our paws out of our yard. 
We are excited. Confused and full of eucalyptus.
You can find Composition Books by Luca Mata 
at the Anarres bookshop in via Crespi in Milan.
You can find Greatest Hits by Shyla and Meuri 
at Unlock Fest in Modena.

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QUEEF MAGAZINE | Composition Books

We are very happy to collaborate with Queef Magazine 
for the presentation of COMPOSITION BOOKS. 
Find an important interview with Luca Mata and the opportunity 
to visit their online shop. The place dedicated to all the cultural 
and artistic movements that have made eroticism or pornography 
their banners in the struggle for ever greater personal and sexual freedom, 
opposing those who consider eroticism and pornography to be signs of cultural baseness. 
Not just art though. A fundamental part of the group is the news stories, 
sarcastic and irreverent images and illustrations, which have eroticism 
as their common denominator.
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Yard Koala @ Anarres | Milano

Un proverbio cinese dice che da una grande crisi nasce sempre una grande opportunità. 
La crisi è stata sicuramente la pandemia. L'opportunità è stata quella di poter dar 
nuova vita a uno spazio a Milano dedicato alla creatività. Il collettivo King Koala 
ha iniziato i lavori nel recupero di una vecchia litostampa in via Ripamonti 110. 
Dall'archivio, il gruppo ha collezionato una serie di poster dal design di pregio che 
non saranno mai più ristampati. Si tratta di una tiratura di soggetti di vario tipo, 
legati dal filo conduttore del prestigio nella stampa, nel nome del designer e nel ritorno 
alla materia fisica che è al centro della ricerca creativa di King Koala. 
I proventi della vendita di questi poster saranno divisi equamente tra 
King Koala per i lavori di ristrutturazione in litostampa e la libreria 
Anarres che gentilmente ci ospita. Di seguito i soggetti presenti con le misure. 
Per i prezzi si può chiedere in cassa.
A Chinese proverb says that a great opportunity always arises from a great crisis. 
The crisis was certainly the pandemic. The opportunity was to be able to give new life 
to a space in Milan dedicated to creativity. The King Koala collective has begun work on 
the recovery of an old litho print in via Ripamonti 110. From the archive, the group has 
collected a series of prestigious design posters that will never be reprinted. 
It is a variety of subjects, linked by the common thread of prestige in printing, 
in the name of the designer and in the return to physical matter that 
is at the center of King Koala's creative research. The proceeds from the 
sale of these posters will be split equally between King Koala for the 
litho-print renovations and the Anarres bookstore that kindly hosts us. 
Below are the subjects present with size. For prices you can ask at the cashier.

The Rolling Stones | American Tour 1972

Vermouth Bianco | Martini & Rossi

Perier | Andy Warhol

Lambretta | Seconda serie

Gregg Skis | Maurer

Hawaii | United Vacations

Le MANS | Steve McQueen

Circuit Paul Ricard | 1976

Folies Bergere | La revue de Helene Martini

Coca Cola | Holiday Fun

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New cut from Rudeboy

There are two new Rudeboy Jaco projects 
that have just come out. 
These are two summer homework. 
August 2020 in Abruzzo

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Welcome to the world of Alessandra Pace

Alessandra Pace is an independent artist who has embarked on an incredible personal journey 
on her photographic and aesthetic art. King Koala went to Pescara to visit her and together
they started thinking about an interesting project. A vision of space, a world in which
the action of the moment is consummated by fixing itself in the memory of something that 
is external to everything else. From the depths of her living, Alessandra reflects everything
she wants and desires. Like a prism, several enveloping space notebooks will be created, 
which will collect some of the artist's best shots. 
We have beautiful things for our fall.

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New Koala in the gang

Meuri has the same charm that Turin’s 
rappers had in the 90s. Something crazy. 
He arrives, smiles, smashes and leaves. 
Needless to understand what happened 
and however you like it. You want more.

Of course Luca Mata was there too.

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Shyla N & Meuri koalized

The koala family is expanding and the King is happy to welcome Shyla N. to the eucalyptus yard. 
Together with Meuri, the girl created a b / w zine with material rediscovered during the lockdown. 
The price is smart and shipments are free if you order in Italy, the country of the fuck.