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New Koala in the gang

Meuri has the same charm that Turin’s 
rappers had in the 90s. Something crazy. 
He arrives, smiles, smashes and leaves. 
Needless to understand what happened 
and however you like it. You want more.

Of course Luca Mata was there too.

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YARD KOALA work in progress

In Milan, Italy, alongside Via Ripamonti area, in front of Fondazione Prada, King Koala has found a huge place to plant the eucalyptus and thus make its physical yard.
It is an abandoned former print shop that will be used for a creative space, artistic production and editorial experimentation. In the heart of Milan, away from the mess, the endangered koalas will have their kingdom.
We have a lot of printing material, paints, paper, dies, machinery still working and lots of merchandising at very low prices. All this serves to finance a good cause for koalas. If you want to give us an eye and to know the space write us
or call this number