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Putting our paws out of our yard

King Koala informs that this is a very important moment. 
The general situation is confusing and difficult, but koalas are used to this. 
Lazy, we are happy to inform you that we are putting our paws out of our yard. 
We are excited. Confused and full of eucalyptus.
You can find Composition Books by Luca Mata 
at the Anarres bookshop in via Crespi in Milan.
You can find Greatest Hits by Shyla and Meuri 
at Unlock Fest in Modena.

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We did a secret party in the new big space LITOSTAMPA.
Via Ripamonti 110.
We had a secret market with King Koala stuff and Yard Koala items. 
The space in Milan was filled with friends and onlookers. 
LuWei played with us. We have all been attentive and we are all healthy. 
I recommend, if you want to know more, stay in touch with Telegram.

Eucalyptus and newsletter

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Red book / Roots sunset selection

What does roots music have to do with Luca Mata's red notebook? 
There is something profound that emerges from Luca's photos when the sun goes down. 
Light is obviously a fundamental element and its illusory presence, 
its flash brings back to those dusty hidden dancehalls where it was always hot, 
even in the motherfuncking winter. The words are from Luca Mata's RED BOOK, 
while the selection is 100% vinyl by RUDEBOY. 
We are in August 2020. 
Composition Books are almost ready.

Homemade video and selection.
100% vinyl, roots and dub in red light.
Mockup and production by

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New cut from Rudeboy

There are two new Rudeboy Jaco projects 
that have just come out. 
These are two summer homework. 
August 2020 in Abruzzo

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Welcome to the world of Alessandra Pace

Alessandra Pace is an independent artist who has embarked on an incredible personal journey 
on her photographic and aesthetic art. King Koala went to Pescara to visit her and together
they started thinking about an interesting project. A vision of space, a world in which
the action of the moment is consummated by fixing itself in the memory of something that 
is external to everything else. From the depths of her living, Alessandra reflects everything
she wants and desires. Like a prism, several enveloping space notebooks will be created, 
which will collect some of the artist's best shots. 
We have beautiful things for our fall.

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Lockdown Midnight Vibes

_selection: Rudeboy Jaco 
_words: Luca Matarazzo 

I had to move as soon as time allowed. 
It was an alienating, surreal, science fiction film situation. 
In this lysergic climate, Luca Mata's Composition Books, 
the first true King Koala production, took shape. 
During the tough lockdown of 2020, in Milan, 
I spent the last few days in my old home completely alone. 
By arranging my vinyl collection, I came up with a form 
of musical tribute (eucalyptus). 
Toughest sound, 100% vinyl. 

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Composition Books almost done

Luca Mata's Composition Books 
just finished to be settle.
While we persuade the printer 
to not go on vacation, we have made available 
the press kit of Luca's work. As a starter. 
Before it is ready and selected by a few 
bookstores around Italy. 
I mean, it's 300 copies. Sexy, don't you think?