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UNLOCK FEST | Greatest Hits

We had a great time on our first outing. 
They invited us to Modena, Unlock fest, in complete safety. 
Few people but a lot of love. Greatest Hits.
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Putting our paws out of our yard

King Koala informs that this is a very important moment. 
The general situation is confusing and difficult, but koalas are used to this. 
Lazy, we are happy to inform you that we are putting our paws out of our yard. 
We are excited. Confused and full of eucalyptus.
You can find Composition Books by Luca Mata 
at the Anarres bookshop in via Crespi in Milan.
You can find Greatest Hits by Shyla and Meuri 
at Unlock Fest in Modena.

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PICTURE MOCKUP | Greatest Hits

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New shot by Koala: GREATEST HITS

About Greatest Hits_
© 2020 @kingkoala2020 & @infa.magazine
A book by: Shyla N @shyla_enne
Graphics: Meuri 97 @meuri.97
Starring: Spice, Fra32, Mind, Chob, Lama, 
Panda, Dem, Beast, Caps, Haker, Aster
Cover Art: Noyz Narcos @noyz79
Preface: Pietro Rivasi @pietro_rivasi
1 Box, 3 books. Limited edition of 300
Preorder Coming Soon


#book #graffiti #italy #writing #walls #throwups 
#lettering #trains #topplayers #kings

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