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Composition Books Printing showdown

We went to the first printing session 
of Luca Mata's Composition Books. 
The test prints went well and the composition 
is being enriched with new precious material. 
How nice, we got very excited. 
And that motherfucker of Matarazzo is out of control. 
Take advantage of the preorder now. 
If you are in Italy, the shipping costs are free, 
because you are cool.

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Shyla N & Meuri koalized

The koala family is expanding and the King is happy to welcome Shyla N. to the eucalyptus yard. 
Together with Meuri, the girl created a b / w zine with material rediscovered during the lockdown. 
The price is smart and shipments are free if you order in Italy, the country of the fuck.

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YARD KOALA work in progress

In Milan, Italy, alongside Via Ripamonti area, in front of Fondazione Prada, King Koala has found a huge place to plant the eucalyptus and thus make its physical yard.
It is an abandoned former print shop that will be used for a creative space, artistic production and editorial experimentation. In the heart of Milan, away from the mess, the endangered koalas will have their kingdom.
We have a lot of printing material, paints, paper, dies, machinery still working and lots of merchandising at very low prices. All this serves to finance a good cause for koalas. If you want to give us an eye and to know the space write us
or call this number

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cinque anelli | cinque colori | cinque idee

Demoni e dee, amori e scopate,
poesia della violenza.

La sua lotta è una tempesta calma che si infrange sulle pagine dei suoi quaderni, tra pulsioni, passioni ricordi di un passato violento e di un presente che esplode nel suo istante, raccolto da una foto, incarnato nella colla e nella pagina di una memoria, legato insieme con punti di sutura. Demoni e dee, amori e scopate, poesia della violenza.

Luca Mata hangs on
Casa di Ringhiera
like a fucking koala.

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Interview: Luca Mata (Italian)

“It will be a box, limited edition, the five notebooks all together. We’ll be out soon and you can keep an eye on the preorder on the site “, Mata says at the end, smiling as she takes a break from her photo tied up by hand, like a samurai who has stopped being a warrior, for make bonsai. Like a koala with eucalyptus.

Composition books is the new work of Luca Mata.
Available in limited edition on
It is a box with five notebooks worked by Luca, divided by thematic color and texts.

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Preparing Composition Books

The paradox is the technique, as Sun Tsu said, and Luca Mata writes about his art of artistic war, in a pure and intimate way. He lives chasing a balance, has an Hagakure in himself who forced him past the mere photography, and pushed him to paste, impress, sew and print the chaotic world of his imagination, that blends in with reality as it if was a vivid dream. An artistic drift that develops in five colors, five concepts, five emotions that are clean but yet chaotic. A fight, a battle that smells of tobacco and debris of emotions, Luca Mata, like Miyamoto Musashi, writes his diary, takes notes, perfects them and binds together his “five rings”.

Free shipping in Italy
We are making the box set.
Shipments of orders will begin in late August 2020.

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King Koala on paper

Lento nella sua produzione, concentrato nel produrre i sogni anche inconsci di artisti capaci di farlo. Al suo interno ci sono persone note nel campo della fotografia e dell’arte visiva come. I primi nomi che emergono sono Luca Mata, Alessandra Pace e Alan Maglio. King Koala trova libri, storie, oggetti, parole, foto, passaggi, ambienti, suoni e paesaggi.

Corriere dell’Italianità